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Future of Medicine

Guided by Champi, we enter the human body through the eyes and discover how our sight works. We follow information travelling along the optic nerve and end up in the brain, at the heart of the neuron network.

A wrong turn, and we find ourselves exploring the cells and the body's genetic material, DNA!

Our journey is abruptly halted by a mass of immature white blood cells. This proliferation may be the sign of acute leukaemia, which we must now try to fight: we learn about the latest advances in regenerative medicine. Stem cells make it possible to reform the soft tissue required to produce healthy blood cells.

Finally we touch on the subject of nanotechnologies which are opening doors in diagnostics and treatments on a molecular scale, and in which all the future hopes of regenerative medicine lie! We learn about the theoretically infinite scope for these techniques, which can only be developed by adopting an interdisciplinary approach.


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