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Kegopolis Warriors

Kegopolis is invaded by a swarm of mutant insects that multiply at a phenomenal speed and infest every corner of our city.


Choose the setting for the action. A red sky above the famous red virtual city?This is the original version:  the Martian colony gone wrong.

Cold white light and an eerie atmosphere ? This is the lunar Kegopolis. Whichever setting you choose, this is a "shoot'em up" that can be placed in anyone’s hands without hesitation!

The Plasmatron™ is the player's interface. It displays his score and chosen language and has an individual multilingual sound system.

The player is one with his machine: he feels every shot physically.
This impressive cannon really rocks! It is made of metal and measures over 70 cm in length, with a 20 cm plasma sphere.

It adds to the game's "post-nuclear" atmosphere.


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