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The largest archaeological reconstruction to date !
Interactive and 3D stereoscopic !

In Roman times, the town of Bavay was known by the name of Bagacum; being located on the spot where seven major routes met, it was an important stopping-off point, and the capital of the city of Nerviens.

To assert their presence, the Romans built the largest forum outside Italy right here in the town: it was a gigantic public building, 200 metres long by 120 metres wide!

Today the area of Bavay once occupied by the forum has been preserved, and forms part of the museum complex. All that remains of the original building is a ruined part of the underground portico. In order to restore the readability of the site, the Bavay Museum and archaeological site, in conjunction with the cultural department of the Conseil Général du Nord, have commissioned de pinxi to reconstruct the Gallo-Roman site in computer graphics, just as it existed in the second century AD.

To give a better understanding of life in Gaul under the Romans, the show is based on a fictional premiss. Julie is seeking to publish her thesis on archaeology; she is rather too interested in a statuette of Mercury. By magic, she finds herself back in the second century AD, with the mission of returning to the present days with a bit of help from the audience!

Three tools in one single production : interactive fiction, architectural tour, interactive research program.

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