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Polar Explorer™ Danger in the ice field!

de pinxi creates the attraction 'Polar Adventure' and installs the first version at Bioscope (France):

Polar Explorer™ Danger in the ice field!

Polar Explorer™ Danger in the ice field is an immersive, multisensory voyage to the far North. The experience is punctuated by a series of activity stations:

  • The VR goggles, everywhere across the banquise, to interactively search for life in the Arctic world.
  • The Explorer, to learn about condition of survy in this hostile environment.
  • The Igloo, take a breath while watching (videos of) white bears.
  • The boldest climb up the iceberg's face, slide the length of the fissures or squeeze into narrow crevasses!

The realistic elements of the decor are immersed in 16-track surround sound (the cracking of the ice, the howling wind, the cries of animals and original sound recordings to make your blood run cold).

A 20-minute light animation reproduces the movement of the sun thanks with 60 light sources set into the decor, while special effects such as the wind machine and wall of ice create cold zones.

The entire experience is multilingual: French, English and German.

Full story in our press room.


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