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de pinxi releases "Future of Medicine", a virtual journey through the human body on board a simulator carried on a lorry :

the Champimobile!

The first ever mobile interactive 4D theatre, brought into being for the Champalimaud Foundation in Portugal.

For the Champalimaud Foundation, activities such as encouraging young talent, spreading new ideas and promoting education play a major part in its mission. This is the background for the creation of the traveling interactive production "Future of Medicine", aimed at young people aged between 9 and 14.

The show

This 3D journey through the human body takes us on to discover medical techniques of the future. It arouses the audience's curiosity, while entertaining at the same time to encourage towards a vocation, to give young people a taste of the sciences.

The audience interacts with elements in the story and plays a direct part in the therapeutic actions of the digital simulation!

The 20-seat simulator is mounted on a 13-metre tow truck for mobility: the show will travel from school to school across Portugal and Spain to reach as many children as possible.

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