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Ethias launches its name change to its 1800 employees
Treasure and new identity hunt

The Ethias employees set off on a quest to discover their new identity in the insurance market

Vigilance is required as the reefs of the company's competitors are negotiated; the founding values of the company are rediscovered; underwater excavations reveal the major projects undertaken by the company, and air bubbles show the results achieved!

The 1800 employees of Ethias are each given 2 luminous batons, a red one and a green one.

These are their means of steering the action. When they hold up the red baton, the submarine turns left; when they hold up the green one, it turns right; when they bring both batons down together sharply the submarine digs into the sea bed, operates its robotic arms, or clears obstacles from its path with jets of compressed air! In addition to the incredibly realistic imagery, spatial sounds, lighting and pyrotechnic effects create a totally stimulating underwater experience!.

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