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de pinxi on the road to Memphis

FedEx presents the personal Time Line, an interactive system for exchanging memories and emotions. A project coordinated by nWave Digital in Belgium.

The very first installation of de pinxi's digital sharedMemories.

The "Time Center" enlivens the wide corridors of the FedEx Forum stadium, giving visitors the opportunity for a little distraction on a theme which is dear to the sponsor: the (rapid) passage of time! de pinxi is responsible for development of the Personal Time Line, a giant screen nearly 20 metres long with four control consoles.

The Personal Time Line is a completely new kind of interface: visitors exchange memories and emotions, discovering shared interests!

By entering their date of birth and defining their tastes in music and sport, each individual is shown on screen the important milestones in "their" 20th century. What happened on the day they were born? Which events stood out in a particular decade? Which songs were hits when they were 20? The FedEx Time Center holds over 3,000 archive images and themed sound sequences to answer such questions!

This technique combining very high definition images with the interactive exploration of a bank of audiovisual objects opens up many new uses of archives and stored digital data, in ideal conditions of conviviality and respect for the quality of the media.

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