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Hannover 2000 - Mexican Pavilion

de pinxi created the two key attractions of the Pavilion.

A project managed by Papalote Museum of Children.

de pinxi was hired to design, then to realise the two major zones of the Pavilion. It became the 5th most visited destination of Hannover expo, among more than 140 other possible pavilions!

The Millenial Construction.

Immersed in virtual worlds, visitors discover the life-size site of the main square in Mexico City, the Zocalo, at three periods of its history: before the Spanish invasion, during the 18th century, and today.

The show presents how Mexican civilizatuon is built on cultural cross-fertilization.

The Mexican Soul

Visitors walk along a 12 metres gallery whose walls project 3-D images on the Night of the Dead, an ancestral celebration filmed three-dimensionally in Mexico for 36 hours non-stop by de pinxi.

This "immersive tunnel", provides total immersion to plunge visitors into the heart of this celebration so that they feel "as if they were there".

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