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The Nestlé Alimentarium Foundation immerses its visitors in interactivity!

The Food Museum in Vevey, Switzerland, is adding the finishing touches to major renovation work that has been underway for the last two years. As part of the new and improved look to the museum, de pinxi has installed an interactive theatre showing the latest version of �Human Body Travel�.

A 100% interactive 3D journey through the human body presented in a host of different languages with an in-depth trip down the digestive system!

Visitors to this show take on the role of active participants as they are reduced to the size of a pea to find out all about the digestive system of the unfortunate Mr Z! They take part in the different biological processes in groups and collect the information that interests them most individually and in their chosen language.

And at the end of the adventure, the explorers will have learned all about the different stages of the digestive process through their own actions!

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