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Innovative communication for IBA, the cyclotron builders: 3D, interactive worldwide tour!

A world first: de pinxi has created a nomadic interactive 3D presentation, a revolution for the scientific and technological communications sector! United States, South Africa, Europe, China, GCC... the de pinxi creations travel the world to present IBA Molecular product and services. Also a top hit on Youtube!

Belgian company Ion Beam Applications (IBA) develops integrated systems for diagnosing and treating cancer. One of these systems, the "Integralab" project, provides a comprehensive solution for the production of radio-isotopes. IBA Molecular, the world leader in its field, has entrusted de pinxi with designing and producing a unique, scalable and interactive communications tool to support the global presentation of its solution.

To immerse the visitors in IBA's message, to plunge them into the heart of the matter, first at the life-size level to display the equipment, then at molecular level to reveal the nature of the physical processes. The 3D stereoscopy adds to the visitors' total immersion, helping them to understand the framework of the Integralab operation.

Thanks to the hybrid team – half artists, half scientists – de pinxi has created an interactive 3D show, which provides access to various levels of information matching the client's area of interest.

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