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To launch its international Nuclear Fusion message, Euratom has chosen de pinxi with its interactive multilingual 3D media.

de pinxi has produced a mobile interactive 3D show designed to help the general public understand the issues involved with Nuclear Fusion as an energy source for the Future.
Civatel is backing the project.

Euratom, the General Research Department section concerned with energy, has the job of persuading the general public of the importance of exploring Nuclear Fusion because Nuclear Fusion is a serious possibility for meeting the future energy needs of the western world.

These very technical messages need to be communicated to people who may have very little technical training but who still need the information, and in a context which may not be very supportive of the project.

Having been shown the principles of nuclear fusion, visitors now discover how Man is striving to reproduce this phenomenon on earth, by means of the tokamak; the audience then takes control of the system itself and finds out how it works. All the various aspects are tackled – technical principles, safety, supply, and so on.

Visitors are literally immersed in the theme and use the de pinxi argoGroup™ interaction system to interact with a virtual Nuclear Fusion system as well as with the message – visitors choose the areas they want to understand better.

Visitors will find the interaction system thought-provoking, and the programme stimulates curiosity.

Full story in our press room.


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