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The FUTUROSCOPE Amusement Park entrusts de pinxi with the creation of a major group Interactive Experience.

Two teams of 110, each behind the controls of a space vessel, pitted against each other amongst the twists and turns of Metropolis, the city of the future... 4000 players a day!

After taking a seat in the hall, each participant is aquipped with a pair of 3D glasses and two light sticks, one green and one red. These lights sticks are what pilot the whole experience: by showing the red stick, the participants can turn their team's vessel to the left, and by showing the green stick they can make it turn to the right.

For a duration of 14 minutes, both teams are faced with 4 challenges with they take up in turns. The winning team is the one with the greatest number of points at the end of all 4 games.

This project is developed on the basis of the simulation and virtual reality techniques used by flight simulators. The software used to run the attraction, the audience analysis system, the virtual worlds, the sound effects, the pre-show attractions and the integration of the show as a whole were created in their entirely by de pinxi.

Futuroscope is the only amusement park in the world that is devoted entirely to images and images Technology. Inside this prestigious stting, the de pinxi Metropolis Challenge retains its uniqueness as the only interactive attraction in the park.

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