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In operation since 3 years:

the mass destruction family game!

de pinxi installed the interactive attraction of the Futuroscope.

The digital space colony of Kego is invaded by a swarm of mutant insects, whose sole aim is to destroy the city. Players are called into battle alongside the Kegopolis Warriors, the city's last hope! The evil monsters reproduce at a phenomenal rate. Their eggs and larvae and their flying, spider-like forms infest every corner of the red city.

The city does not really exist; the baddies are very improbable, and explode as soon as they are hit; the powerful laser guns squeal, the spacecraft moves slowly: at least, a shoot'em up to put in everyone's hands!

Six players board each of three life-sized spacecraft to fly off to save the city. Crews consist of five players with laser guns and a captain in the turret. Their mission: to exterminate as many mutant insects as possible.

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