de pinxi - Interactive Show for your Event

How do you invite 2000 people to the opening of a shop with an area of 65 m2?

Bring them into a virtual Nespresso store onto three screens 20 metres wide:

500 metres away from the new shop lie the halls of the prestigious Concertgebouw, the ideal place to accommodate Nespresso's many guests.
This setup has a record resolution of 7680x1024 pixels at 30 images per second, i.e. a quite higher resolution than that used in the cinema!

6.00 pm: 200 VIP guests and members of the press attend the actual opening of the doors of the real shop. This is filmed from two angles: whole facade and detailed shots. These images will be integrated directly into the virtual opening later.

8.15 pm: The doors of the Main Concert Hall are opened to 2000 spectators, who flood in to fill the dress circle, boxes and upper circle within a matter of minutes. The system deployed by de pinxi projects a 3D animation based on the brand's logos and products onto a 60-metre background, against which the singer Trijntje Oosterhuis welcomes the audience with a few opening numbers.

The interactive system is ready to roll at the first sign from the stage manager...

9.00 pm: The system moves into "virtual opening" mode: in a fraction of a second the audience is plunged into a life-sized digital reconstruction of the shopping street where the store is located, PC Hoofstraat.

Full story in our press room.


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