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Belgium sends an astronaut to the International Space Station!

At the Planetarium in Brussels de pinxi has created the �Mission Information Centre�, a digital, interactive exhibition that allows the public to accompany the astronaut on his voyage and gives a real insight into space research!

During the 14 days of the Odissea mission (from 28/10/02 to 10/11/02), the public was guided through the different stages of an ESA astronaut�s mission as experienced by Belgian Frank De Winne.

Set in darkness, illuminated by the blue glow of the Earth, de pinxi has created a discovery tour in which information is conveyed exclusively through images and light, in every possible form: screens, interactive theatre and kiosks, stereograms, slides, information signs and multimedia shows.

The educational content, gathered from many different sources (scientific research centres, space agency, federal policy department) has been created and organised in such a way as to immerse the visitor in the space mission.

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