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Europe Mega 3D Quiz

For the sixth time in a year, de pinxi is running the Europe Quiz! 36 players, a multilingual system, the solution to the problem of helping the public to understand the toughest messages, and to galvanise the toughest meeting!

A series for the Belgian EU Representation.

What’s the best way to get the questions raised by Europe across?

By a fun game! … Now in 3D !

This is the approach which has been chosen by the Belgian representatives of the European Union to "teach" Europe by means of a game, to help the people of 27 different nations to get to know each other!

Geography, local anecdotes, the stages in the building of Europe – nothing has been overlooked in the 500-question database!

de pinxi has used its interactive theatre, argoGroup lite™, to make it possible for 36 players to answer the questions simultaneously. A multiple-choice questionnaire, run against the clock, with 3 buzzers for every individual in the audience to demonstrate their knowledge.

The game is run by both p !nx, one of the digital puppets developed by de pinxi, by MipMip the official mascot and by a flesh and blood moderator!

Watch gallery below for more!

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