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Wolume Shopping Mall

de pinxi animated the shopping mall for 3 weeks: thousands of players, hundreds of members of the Hall of Fame!

As part of the "Research in Brussels" event, the de pinxi was invited to illustrate research and development in the Region of Brussels. de pinxi proposed to install a true size experience, the mobile 3D interactive theatre.

The installation quickly appeared as the most relevant experience for a shopping mall destination. The set-up attracted thousands of visitors. The show, Excursion into Murky Waters, was particularly adapted to family audience, which enjoyed it very much as returning players could testify.

The installation was a true world premiere, with a fully interactive attraction proposed into the main lobby of a shopping mall. Every single visitor could see it, and could enjoy it. The queueing demonstrated the power of attraction of the installation, and how it can seamlessly fit to such destination.

The mobile solution requested less than 4 hours to deploy, to become a fully functional 12 VIP seats interactive 3D theatre.

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