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de pinxi introduces its interactive experience "Enter the World of Rousseau" at Laval.

Each year the town of Laval in France hosts this absolute must in the world of virtual reality, "Laval Virtual". The inspiration for the show "Enter the World of Rousseau" was taken from the town itself, which is the birthplace of the famous naïve painter also dubbed the "Douanier". The aim of this interactive experience is to enable the group of participants to discover a plentiful world portraying events, places or people who had an influence on the artist�s career and which distinguish the period during which he worked.

The interactive nature of this experience enables the visitors to communicate with these different spheres and to complete the task that accompanies them during their tour, i.e. to discover the spirit of Rousseau through his works.

This pre-release gave to the Laval Virtual's visitors the opportunity to explore the jungle and countryside worlds within which they will discover exactly how the interactive aspect of such an experience comes into play. The operating version of the show is installed at the Imaginarium, the 180 deg, panoramic and stereoscopic digital theatre of the city of Laval! The theatre is equipped with the exclusive de pinxi's group interaction system, argoGroup.

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