de pinxi - Interactive Show for your Event

In a world première, de pinxi animates the RTL-TVI TV set : 80 players on air !

de pinxi was invited to create the very first virtual reality game show happening on a TV set : divided in two teams of 40 persons, the members of the public attending the TV show "Ca alors", enter a series of 4 challenges across the red city of Kegopolis. Each team is coached by the presenters of the show, Sandrine Corman and Jacques van den Biggelaar, whereas Philippe Chiwy, manager of de pinxi plays the quite impartial arbiter.

Under the seat of each attendee are two phosphorescent batons, a green and a red one, which are his/her means of navigating through the experience. Each team's vehicle, and the obstacles are positioned by the teams to obstruct their opponents, moved about as directed by the phospho- rescent batons held by the members of the assembly. Showing the red one oriented the team's shuttle to the left; the green one, to the right.

The atmosphere on the set became quickly very hot, when people started to shout to encourage their teams, and jump on their seats to activate more light power! An incredible TV experience.


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