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Bike safe sim

Houtopia, the children's city, celebrates its twentieth birthday by entrusting de pinxi with the development of a road safety traffic environment simulator!

Children encounter hurdles all along their home-school journeys, on board a bicycle simulator of the utmost realism.

The gist of the simulation is to re-create the home-school journey in the most realistic way for the child cycler. The animation has to comply with Houtopia's motto: combining entertainment with pedagogy.

Considering the very high number of visitors - tens of thousands of them in school and family circles - the solution should be robust and user-friendly.

This project is based upon studies on children's cycling behaviour, in terms of resistance and speed, and on various offence prevention and road safety campaigns.

Inspired by this, de pinxi came to design a virtual city, Houtopia City, consisting of a combination of shopping districts and urban, residential and rural areas, aimed at presenting the widest possible array of danger-true traffic situations that the cycler may encounter.

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