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de pinxi at the heart of a polar experience.

For the “SOS Planet” exhibition, de pinxi has created multimedia environments and systems which are fully immersive and - polar!

de pinxi has been commissioned to create the interactive animations covering the polar world section and the tragic melting of the ice sheets.

Immersed in the arctic world and supported by light and sound effects created by de pinxi, the visitor helplessly witnesses the melting of the ice-sheets and the crumbling away of the sea-ice.

de pinxi has created this simulation in its entirety by means of an impressive audio-visual simulation and a rigged floor which reproduces the phenomenon of ice-floes breaking up.

As the visitors make their way through the exhibition, they are equipped with augmented reality interactive binoculars especially designed by de pinxi, supplying interactive media and data.

When you look through these binoculars, you find yourself setting off in search of the creatures which make their home on the ice floes, moving against the background of their real environment: a killer whale shoots out of the sea, a polar bear waves a banner warning of the dangers of global warming…

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