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Selected references.

Centre For Life, Newcastle (UK)

The Lifeseeker interactive group presentation takes the visitors on a search for life forms in locations offering the most extreme living conditions on Earth and outerspace.

The Atomium, Brussels (BE)

The virtual panoramas, enhanced reality installations, offer visitors good visibility, whatever the weather, and display information about the hotspots.

Futuroscope, Poitiers (FR)

Six players board each of three life-sized spacecraft to fly off to save the digital space colony of Kego invaded by a swarm of mutant insects.

FedEx Time Center, Memphis (US)

Visitors pause at one of the four consoles to answer questions that appear on the screens. In this way they interactively compose a 45-second film clip, a time line consisting of the major events in their personal history and reflecting their tastes and shared interests.

Museum of Presidency, Lisbon (PT)

The Museum is devoted to the presentation of the republican institutions and symbols of the republic. de pinxi installs the entire audiovisual infrastructure, as well as a good few of the interactive shows for visitors to the new institution.

Nestlé Alimentarium Foundation, Vevey (CH)

The interactive theatre shows the latest version of Human Body Travel, a 100% interactive 3D journey through the human body presented in a host of different languages with an in-depth trip down the digestive system.

Nespresso (NL)

A prestigious show at Concertgebouw Amsterdam: 2000 people for the opening of the first Dutch Nespresso boutique.

Odissea Mission Center (BE)

Information centre and exhibition about ESA space mission aboard the International Space Station. The project includes interactive theatre with “ISS discovery tour”, multimedia planetarium show, life satellite connexions with ISS.

Papalote - Museum of Children (Mexico)

Immersive, panoramic and interactive theatre, interactive experience design ; stereoscopic tunnel and 3D film shooting, consultancy. Mexican Pavilion for Hanover 2000 world expo.

Casa Pedro Domecq in Six Flags Mexico

Set-up of a pavilion dedicated to VR in a theme park, featuring the world's first group interactive experience.

Ministry of Culture - Susan Mubarak Exploration Center (Egypt)

Interactive educational programme: the Human Body Travel, a walk-through respiratory, blood and digestive systems.

Service for Scientific, Technical and Cultural affairs of Prime Minister

Interactive educational programme about satellite imagery - scientific congress and large public exhibition days.

Kitakyushu city (Jp)

Interactive 20 min. movie for Japanese theme park based on Alice in Wonderland. Virtual sets.

LG Semicon (Korea)

Virtual experience as key attraction for their technological museum. Operated daily since April 96.

Dexia Bank Group (B)

Virtual Art Gallery awarded on many international computer graphics exhibitions.

Belgian Olympic Committee

Virtual archaeological reconstruction and competition based on the Ancient Grece Olympics.


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