de pinxi - Interactive Show for your Event

Interaction applied to innovative projects

Your unique immersive experience, driven by the spectators!

You design a project which brings together multi-sensory immersion, public interaction and, possibly, the participation of actors or operators; every element of the experience is controllable: image, sound, special effects, lighting and machinery.

The inventiveness of your scenario lies in the use of innovative audiovisual technologies: digital imaging, interaction techniques, spatial sound, automation and visualisation infrastructure.

Achieve a spectacular result: de pinxi combines artistic and technological competences tailor-made to your desires. Its teams boast more than 10 years' experience in the creation of exclusively interactive presentations.


"Walking along this tunnel, I conjure up birds, which follow me."

"From this glass dome in our underwater base we can see the divers approaching. Quick, let's send them the welcome robots!"

"We are cycling in a lost world; the breeze encircles us; what wonderful light."

"The team of athletes puts all of its strength into progressing; the technicians look after the repair of the radar system!"

Media and competences

Creation of digital images: three-dimensional virtual worlds, digital ?frescoes ? (fresques), integration of actors.

Digital video production: stereoscopic video, special formats.

Creation of backing sounds: music groups, spatial and interactive effects, three-dimensional sound.

Construction of interaction system: argoMass, argoGroup, and the development of tailor-made piloting systems according to the description of the scenario. Examples: treadmill, bicycle, console, vehicle-piloting device (steering wheel, tiller, joystick, …), data glove, optical-capture devices, mobile platforms and mechanical servos.

Design and placement of original visualisation systems: image tunnels, domes, panoramic screens, floor-projected images/carpets of images, immersive cubes, …

Provision of theatrical machinery: lighting and special effects (pyrotechnics, wind, …) synchronous to the show and under the control of the audience.

Operation: developments for temporary, mobile of fixed use, automation of the show, training of teams of comperes, overseeing of technical teams.

Research: de pinxi has won numerous international prizes for entertainment technology (Tile, iaapa, Imagina, …). de pinxi is in collaboration with European research and development consortiums and periodically launches international co-productions.

References: Centre for Life, The Atomium, Museum of Presidency of Portugal, Nestlé Alimentarium Foundation, Odissea Mission Centre, Expo 2000 Hanover, Mexican pavilion, stereoscpic tunnel. Dexia Bank , virtual board of directors . R&D projects Mirage, Muvii and icecream. UEGW medical congress, show with acrobats. Dentsu Tec inc. , Stereoscopic virtual studios.


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