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Ol Golden Sixties

Golden Sixties Expo - BE

For their new “Golden Sixties” exhibition, Collections & Patrimoine has commissioned de pinxi to produce multimedia virtual reality environments which are simply … spectacular!

Discover JFK murder scene and landing on the Moon, ... as if you were there.

Ol Bike Safe Sim

Bike Safe Simulator - BE

Houtopia, the children's city, celebrates its twentieth anniversary by entrusting de pinxi with the development of a road safety traffic environment simulator!

Ol Return to Bagacum 2

Return to Bagacum - FR

The largest archaeological reconstruction to date ! Interactive and 3D stereoscopic.

In Roman times, the town of Bavay was known by the name of Bagacum; being located on the spot where seven major routes met, it was an important stopping-off point, and the capital of the city of Nerviens

Ol Milano for ever

Milano for ever - IT

de pinxi creates the most compelling 3D show about the city, its history, its cultural hot spots and the famous people who created the capital of fashion and design!

Olympic Museum Lausanne

Olympic Museum Lausanne - CH

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne has called in de pinxi to design and create its new travelling exhibition, entitled "HOPE". The exhibition walkway is lined with modules including audiovisuals, objects, panoramas, texts and innovative interactions.

SOS Planet Expo

SOS Planet Expo - BE

For the “SOS Planet” exhibition, de pinxi has created multimedia environments and systems which are fully immersive and - polar!

The second release of de pinxi's Polar Adventure interactive experience.

It's our History

It's our History - BE & PL

Europe and me, the digital sharedMemories™ of de pinxi applied to the History of European construction. This audiovisual installation creates a deep emotional link between visitors' personal memories and the process of creation of the European Union.

Museum of Olympic Games

Museum of Olympic Games - GR

Ancient Olympia is probably one of the most renown place of the Antique world; thanks to de pinxi interactive experiences, it is now digitally open to the public!

Musée du Sport

Musée du Sport - FR

In collaboration with Album agency, de pinxi installed its famous sharedMemories™ system, for fascinating access to the media database of the Museum. Highly animated digibook™ was also created to browse the pages of modern olympism. Large size interactTable™ completed the picture to let visitor understand the mechanics of sports federation.


Lifeseeker for the Centre for Life - UK

Since 7 April 2006, visitors to the Newcastle Centre for Life have been able to enjoy the Lifeseeker experience with de pinxi at the controls! This 20-minute interactive presentation takes them on a search for life forms, in locations offering the most extreme living conditions on Earth.


Speleogame - Belgium

As of 31 March 2006 the Han Caves domain offers visitors a thrilling new attraction realized by de pinxi: Speleogame.Using the most advanced digital technology, the project allows visitors to discover the 80% of the cave network that only the most experienced cavers have been able to explore until now!


Atomium - Belgium

February 2006 : Following its closure for nearly two years for complete renovation, the Atomium is now reborn in a new guise and de pinxi is responsible for its audiovisual and interactive installations.

Presidency Portugal

Museum of Presidency - Portugal

October 5th 2004: the Presidency of Portugal opens, in Lisbon, in the heart of the Presidential Palace, the Museum devoted to presentation of the republican institutions and symbols of the republic. de pinxi installs the entire audiovisual infrastructure, as well as a good few of the interactive shows for visitors to the new institution.

Discover Rousseau

Discover Rousseau in Laval Virtual

Each year the town of Laval in France hosts this absolute must in the world of virtual reality, "Laval Virtual". The inspiration for the show "Enter the World of Rousseau" was taken from the town itself, which is the birthplace of the famous naïve painter also dubbed the "Douanier".

ISS Discovery Tour

ISS Discovery Tour

At the Planetarium in Brussels de pinxi has created the 'Mission Information Centre', a digital, interactive exhibition that allows the public to accompany the astronaut on his voyage and gives a real insight into space research!

Human Body Travel at Alimentarium

Human Body Travel for the Nestlé Alimentarium Foundation

In the Food Museum in Vevey, Switzerland, de pinxi has installed an interactive theatre showing the latest version of "Human Body Travel".

A 100% interactive 3D journey through the human body presented in a host of different languages with an in-depth trip down the digestive system!

Human Body Travel Electralis

Human Body Travel for the Electralis exhibition

Reduced to the size of an atom, the audience finds out about the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems through interaction.

The second release of de pinxi's Human body Travel!

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Hanover 2000

Hanover 2000 - Mexican Pavilion

de pinxi has created the two key attractions of the Pavilion.

Interactive archaeological reconstruction and immersive 3D experience by de pinxi for the Mexican Governement.

A project managed by Papalote Museum of Children.

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Discover the pleasure of Mars

Human Body Travel in Cairo, Egypt

In the Cairo Science Exploration Center, de pinxi is launching Human Body Travel, a virtual exploration through human body, for immersive and interactive rooms.

A project managed by our local partner: Prosylab.

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