de pinxi - Interactive Show for your Event

virtual Panorama

Virtual Panorama

The most innovative system if your operation overlook a town or a landscape!

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argoGroup™ Interactive Theatre

The ultimate interactive experience. The installation combines advanced individual interaction with social group experience: impossible to reproduce at home!

The most advanced system for group communication, education, and entertainment.

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sharedMemories™ - The convivial multimedia meeting point

Let the visitors delves into your media content, give them intuitive access to your evolving media database, in an unrivalled on-site experience!

One of the most popular de pinxi's creation: discover it in USA, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Poland, … and more !

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Virtual Binoculars

Digital Binoculars

A lost landscape, a privileged vantage point, a journey to faraway places: we reconstitute a virtual world for you that your visitors can explore through these digital binoculars: 360° vision!

Delivers also a great augmented reality experience.

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Imagine an area suspended in the airs which becomes screen on which you interact the most naturally ...

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digiBook - give life and animation to your documents!

The obvious way to present your archives, your albums, your precious works and delicate manuscripts.

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the Tour

dpOn The Road - mobile 4D interactive solutions

Your ideas and communication on the road: this itinerant installation, mounted on a lorry, combines 3D, movement, special effects and group interaction!

Also available in easy-to-deploy flightcases.

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