de pinxi - Interactive Show for your Event

argoMass - high-capacity interactive theatre for 150 to 2000 persons

An entertainment technique with genuine audience interaction; we're not talking films! Imagine a packed house actually interacting with the show!

In a hall equipped with a large screen, each member of the audience participates in the show by brandishing fluorescent green and red batons. A camera surveys the crowd, continuously analyzing the number of batons, their colour, their movements, etc. and then deduces an interaction for each element of the show.

For example, the audience members' raising of their red batons means a left turn, their green batons a right turn. The batons could equally serve to trigger the opening of a door, the grabbing of an object or any event imaginable.

The audience may be divided into teams, which compete against each other or work together in their missions. A very large number of individuals participate in this collective experience, a factor which stimulates the dynamic of the group. This exclusive de pinxi system has been used successfully for groups of 150 to 2000 persons.

Your sectors of application

Museums: An historical fresco, a great scientific adventure (underwater, space), navigation in planetariums, discovery of a set of themes with a compere.

Theme Parks: An adventure show, fun discovery, team games and challenges, organisation of championships and leagues.

Communication and events: congresses, road shows, product launches, team-building, stimulation of sales forces,...



Free and direct interaction with the show for everyone: totally interactive system!

Strong group dynamic.

Live interaction with the public and the show by comperes and actors!

Installation in conventional projection hall, panoramic hall, planetarium, outdoors, etc...

High-definition images, 3D stereoscopy, spatial 3D sound.

No technical knowledge required of the operator (remote automation and maintenance).


Total automation of the hall (no operator).

Special effects, lighting, pyrotechnics.

Moving platform, simulators.

Networked connection of several halls.


1. Unique and differentiating system for the operator.
2. High influx of visitors for a highly competitive investment.
3. Library of titles.
4. Fully-proven technologies: millions of visitors each year. worldwide!


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