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Group interaction applied to Darks Rides

Together with Lagotronics (NL) de pinxi proposes now a turn-key solution for Dark Rides: pedestrian or vehicle-driven.

Both companies have developed technologies that can be combined for a unique one-of-a-kind experience.

Among the products Lagotronics designs and manufactures is a unique modular system suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments that triggers interactive events when targets are hit (TRIG2) or proximity is detected (RFID). In most cases, the devices are custom designed.

de pinxi has 20 years’ experience in group interaction and 3D content that allows groups of people to play on the same screens simultaneously, creating immersive experiences with standard or custom designed content. de pinxi creates 3D virtual reality environments and 3D life footage productions.

Discover our HD teaser.

Key features:

Combination of (3D) virtual and actual targets in one ride.

Interaction between scenery and virtual worlds (bidirectional).

Vehicle interactivity.

Zapping with handheld devices, also in 3D.

Zapping from moving vehicles from any manufacturer.

Catalog consisting of standard shows and characters, customized shows and/or characters on request.

Facebook® integration.

Photo-shoot integration.

Real-time video integration.

Affordable, tailor-made solutions.


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