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Golden Sixties

Golden Sixties (BE)

Would you dare to take the position of Lee Harvey Oswald ? would you step on the uncertain moon? These are the immersive experiences de pinxi created for the new exhibition of Collection & Patrimoine, in Liège (BE)

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Woluwe Shopping Mall

Woluwe Shopping Mall (BE)

Create family animation in one of the most outstanding shopping mall of Brussels ? Ask for the mobile 3D interactive theatre from de pinxi, playing Murky Waters and its Hall of Fame!

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Sos Planet

SOS Planet (BE)

Discover the second iteration of de pinxi's Polar Adventure: especially created for Collection & Patrimoine, for the award-winning SOS Planet exhibition. Immerse yourself in the Arctic world - interaction, emotion and chills!

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Rostokino Multiplex

Rostokino Multiplex (RU)

With the Interactive Cinema, de pinxi opens the doors of Multiplexes in Moscow. Excursions in Murky Waters starts operations !

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Montparnasse 56 (FR)

Montparnasse Tower in Paris : The first interactive experience 200m above the ground ! interactive panoramas, multimedia treasure hunt, Paris under every angle ...and the Big Hole !

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Bioscope (FR)

de pinxi creates the attraction 'Polar Adventure' and installs the first version at Bioscope : Polar Explorer – Danger in the ice field!

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Fedex Time Center

FedEx Time Center (USA)

The Personal Time Line is a completely new kind of interface: visitors exchange memories and emotions, discovering shared interests!

Visitors pause at one of the four consoles to answer questions that appear on the screens. In this way they interactively compose a time line consisting of the major events in their personal history and reflecting their tastes and shared interests.

Kegopolis Warriors at Futuroscope

Kegopolis Warriors (FR)

Finally available: the mass destruction family game!

Six players board each of three life-sized spacecraft to fly off to save the city. 3 spaceships to reach more than 1000 players a day !

Excursion into murky waters

Excursion into Murky Waters (FR)

de pinxi has created an amazing underwater adventure launched in Laval.

Misled by a holiday advertisement, the visitors unwittingly embark on an underwater exploration mission on behalf of a government agency one which is short-staffed!


Metropole Defi at Futuroscope

Metropole Defi at Futuroscope (FR)

The FUTUROSCOPE Amusement Park entrusts de pinxi with the creation of a major group Interactive Experience "Kegopolis Challenge" renamed "Metropole Defi". Two teams of 110, each behind the controls of a space vessel, pitted against each other amongst the twists and turns of Metropolis, the city of the future... 4000 players a day!

Sauza Pavilion

Sauza Pavilion - Mexico City

In an international first, de pinxi is installing ArgoGroup™, the virtual exploration system for immersive and interactive rooms.

The newest attraction launched at Six Flags Mexico (former Reino Ventura) is a pavilion dedicated exclusively to Virtual Reality.

For its client Tequila Sauza, de pinxi created the key attraction of the pavilion, allowing an entire room of 36 people to interact together with the virtual world under exploration !

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Kegopolis Challenge & Kaotik Road at Hakone Spa Resort (JP)

In collaboration with Toppan Printing Co., de pinxi delivered special versions of Kaotik Road and Kegopolis to run into a fully panoramic and immersive digital theatre. The theatre is located in the spa resort of Hakone, in the region of Tokyo, and proposes a an extraordinary visual attraction for the visitors.

Alice in Digital Land (JP)

The key attraction of the Kitakyushu city Media Dome (Japan), is an outstanding 3D-stereoscopic interactive film based on Lewis Carol's novel. de pinxi was commissioned to deploy DecorActor(tm), its stereoscopic virtual sets system, to shoot the 20 minutes feature film for the producer Dentsu Tec. Director : Pascal Roulin ; Character animation and postproduction : Mac Guff Ligne.


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