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Events and corporate communication

Interactive communication installations offer a guaranteed impact: the message is discovered by the spectators through their own actions on the presentation, in conditions of total immersion in the subject which they are discovering (giant screen, spatial sound, group interaction).

Alongside the personalised developments which allow the best possible representation of the message and brand image (see our brochure 'Innovative Projects'), de pinxi offers a palette of existing interactive experiences ready to be personalised with the colours of the client or product, for immediate interactive operation.

Conference discussion thread

On stage, a presenter next to a giant screen introduces a subject. The image on the screen shows a journey which the public controls. The speaker presents or argues a subject of the public's choosing. The speaker may ask questions of his audience and assess the impact of his presentation: a real dialogue is established between the stage and the public. The experience integrates more classical presentations (PowerPoint, videos) prepared by the presenter into a coherent visual world.

Team motivation

The interactive experiences inject a strong notion of teamwork and create themes of collaboration or competition, be they to simulate real situations (team-piloting of vehicles) or for more recreational purposes. The power of these interactive experiences rests in the total involvement of the public taking part!

Product launches

Much stronger than a film dealing with the same theme, the interactive experience allows the discovery of a new product, service or concept from 'within'. It achieves this by immersing the public in the subject and especially by arousing its curiosity: everyone has a direct impact on the experience and finds answers to his questions. The product could be made the object of a quest, a game of discovery to meet consumers: installations would be in cinemas and shopping centres, at exhibitions and itinerant events...

Corporate presentations

Presenting an institution, a division or a department: these are often abstract concepts which digital imaging helps bring to life. de pinxi offers diverse metaphorical interactive worlds which are the ideal support for potentially difficult presentations. For example, the large departments of a bank could be symbolised by the distinct districts of a town in which visitors promenade.

Technical specifications

Interactive experience bringing together real-time computer imagery, video sequences and actor performance (argoMass version). For crowds of 10 to 10,000 persons.

Infrastructure for hire: all necessary infrastructure (argoGroup, argoMass,...) supplied for X hours up to several days.

Installation: structure may be fixed or mobile such as for road shows.

Integration : simple insertion into the audiovisual plans of the event.

Personalisation of the show: integration into the experience of elements in synthetic imagery: logo, product visualisation, insertion of thematic videos, PowerPoints...

Selected references

Nespresso, Banque ING, BASF, European Commission DGXIII, Winterthur assurances, Banque Dexia, Lipton Ice Tea, Master Foods, Siemens Industries, Siemens Mobile, Politique Scientifique Federale Belge, FA (Schwarzkopf), Gedas, Porsche Days, Diamant Board, IAAPA,...


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