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ICT Den Haag

ICT Den Haag Congress on Intelligent Research

Professionals from all fields debate on the great scientific and technological challenges of the new millenium.

de pinxi animated the grand closing session with 2000 attendees interacting with the show!

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IAAPA European Seminar

IAAPA European Seminar

In the prestigious Château in Efteling Park (Holland), the seminar consisted of presentations and debates around the theme of "The future of the industry".

de pinxi allow the 280 participants to respond to the speakers's proposals thanks to our unique argoMass™ system.

Siemens 150 year

150 Yahre Siemens (Hannover Messe)

Siemens Germany takes the opportunity of the Hannover Messe to celebrate its 150th anniversary in the Siemens pavilion.

de pinxi build the most ambitious show of the pavilion, under the shape of fully interactive simulators!

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RTL-TVI Game Show

RTL-TVI Game Show

de pinxi is invited to create the very first virtual reality game show happening on a TV set.

Divided in two teams of 40 persons, the attendees of the TV show "Ça alors !" (RTL-TVI), enter a series of 4 challenges across the red city of Kegopolis.

Discover the pleasure of Mars

"Discover the pleasure of Mars"

3D experience for Master Foods. The interactive quest to discover the pleasure of a Mars and to reach the coveted chocolate bar by uncovering the secret of its ingredients.

An argoGroup™ mobile 3D interactive theatre from de pinxi.

EUGW gastroenterology conference

The 8th conference on gastroenterology (UEGW) in Brussels

The aim of ECCO, the organisers of the conference, is to bring all 4000 participants into the atmosphere of Brussels Grand'Place for a memorable opening session.

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Hanover 2000

Hanover 2000 - Mexican Pavilion

de pinxi has created the two key attractions of the Pavilion.

Interactive archaeological reconstruction and immersive 3D experience by de pinxi for the Mexican Governement.

A project managed by Papalote Museum of Children.

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Sone, The power of One

S1, The power of One

Across virtual worlds, the 30 simultaneous players of the S1 sales team have a quest: to achieve their annual target, while discovering the company directions.

An unrivalled team motivation tool based on argoGroup™ mobile 3D interactive theatre from de pinxi. tool.

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Winterthur 2000

1500 employees in control of a spaceship negotiating the twists and turns of Kegopolis, the city of the future, the future of the company.

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Imagina '99

Imagina '99 : 2 conferences, 2 booths, 2 stereoscopic films

The making of Alice in Digital Land and the Virtual Reality Round Table.

The ACTS Multimedia Walk-through, and DecorActor, our virtual set management system, in its world premiere stereoscopic version !

Stereoscopic Films : Alice in Digital land and Gas 3.

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ACTS image

EC European R&D program

ACTS asked us to create an interactive experience to achieve the following two goals : explain the aim of ACTS in multimedia and demonstrate technology integration. The ACTS virtual walk-through pulls together 3D scanning and modelling, real-time interactive virtual reality and video, sound and text.


RM paintings - Kegopolis race

For RM, the car paintings division of BASF group, a customised version of Kegopolis for Automechanica98, in Frankfurt. The race through the futuristic suburb becomes a powerful communication tool where speed suggests that the users of RM products win a lot of time in their daily work. The best Kegopolis driver won a travel to Greenland!

Telecom City


The internal communication agency for Belgian Telecoms (Universal Communications) asked us to create a 'utopia' city representing their customer. The virtual city is therefore divided into 3 districts, corresponding to the corporate identity : the Human, the Future and the Telecommunications districts.

Board of directors


For a large Belgian bank, the spectator becomes a member of the top management, attending a virtual Board of directors. Real members of the Board were scanned using Cyberware 3D technology and animated in real-time!


ATLANTIS - de pinxi's Old Timer

A quest for an underwater treasure : it has been used for several commercial events (in short-term rental), to present companies or products. Submarine with motion-platform simulator.

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