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Vooruitzicht 3D showroom Fusion 3D road show

To launch its international Nuclear Fusion message, Euratom has chosen de pinxi with its interactive multilingual 3D media.

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Vooruitzicht 3D showroom IBA molecular 3D interactive world tour

A world first: de pinxi has created a nomadic interactive 3D presentation, a revolution for the scientific and technological communications sector!

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Vooruitzicht 3D showroom Neurodissee: EU mobile 3D Quiz game

For the sixth time in a year, de pinxi is running the Europe Quiz! 36 players, a multilingual system: the solution to the problem of helping the public to understand the toughest messages!

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Vooruitzicht 3D showroom Vooruitzicht 3D showroom

The company specialized in real-estate development Vooruitzicht chooses de pinxi to introduces its new line of interior designs thanks to world's first 3D interactive show room.

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Vooruitzicht 3D showroom Champimovel : Future of Medicine interactive road show.

de pinxi releases "Future of Medicine", a virtual journey through the human body on board a simulator carried on a lorry: the Champimobile! Travelling Portugal for 5 years.

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Vooruitzicht 3D showroom 10 years interactive Giga 3D cake!

500 guests preparing a cake to celebrate an anniversay: only possible thanks to de pinxi's interactive skills!

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ABE fashion Show ABE Fashion Show

Fashion! de pinxi presents a parade of Brussels enterprises, designed by Pascale Kervan and set on the prestigious Tour et Taxis site. The catwalk is surrounded by evolving digital decors!

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ING ING Brussels

An incentive meeting for the computer department of the Bank. 1200 people interact with their future. Created for VO communication.

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Nespresso Nespresso Amsterdam

How do you invite 2000 people to the opening of a shop with an area of 65 sqm? Bring them into the virtual Nespresso store: the largest digital and interactive decor ever built on earth!

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Ethias Ethias Name Reveal

Ethias launches its name change to its 1800 employees with a underwater treasure and new identity hunt signed by de pinxi

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